No Shortcut to Achievement: Finally Graduated

Just to be clear, this is a reblog of my earlier post, i have been receiving many emails regarding the update of my case,

i have graduated from JNTU in July 2009, i have received my original degree and consolidated menu from JNTU the same year.

Please find the review of the earlier update i had posted on July 15 2009, i hope this answers your question, feel free to share your experiences with JNTU and their diploma procedures.

“Well from what you can gather from above, u’ll have an idea how the university is operating which is total chaos, after the 20days passed, i went back to the university, where i was told, that i had failed in my exam with external marks as 27. because i was so certain, that i had written well, i went ahead with Control Evaluation in which the i have to do some paper work and submit forms after which the university will have to show an   Xerox of my answer sheet. it had been 10 days  since they had announced my new result, so i took Control Evaluation  forms and went to the university to submit the form, on reaching there  the form was not being accepted by the system, as it said i had already passed my exam.

Now this came as a surprise to me, i was then told i got 53 in external and i can apply for trnscripts, for which i did, it came i had indeed pass with 53 in external.

i went about my work, and again i went back to uni for an 2nd set of xerox after about a month, now, in it it showed i had passed but i got 0 in SS exam marks, ( the exam for which i was marked absent )

i have already got my original provisional memo and transcripts, i had only my subjective memo pending and Consolidated memo pending, now i have 2  transcripts with different marks and totals… its totally weird, cus this uni sucks, now i do not know which memo should i use to apply”


Lost in Paris : My Christmas Gift

It’s about time, i started to update my blog, as it seems to be nearly dead :P!

I got enrolled in ESC Rennes, a Business school in Rennes, France. So after my semester i had planned to go back home, ( india ) and, was on my way to Paris.

A Friend Ahmed drove me to Paris, to an area called * De La Chateau* something, it was near a station called M12. I had arrive on about 6pm and i had my friend James waiting for me in the other end. it as like -4 degrees in paris and apparently i didn’t check the temperature before starting off form Rennes. So i was ill-equipped for that cold, and paris being so large, it took james about 2hrs to find the correct M12 ( de la chateau ) lool, as there seem to be many.

Finally we got going, and took couple of trains , and Finally Buss no 132 to be at the place where we were suppose to be at, while boarding down, we boarded another buss near Place du Italy, it was about 12am nearly and i was with a lot of baggage ( 1 large suitcase with a hand carry and 2 backpacks ), after 30 mins of this buss ride, we finally came to our stop ( i do not remember the exact name of the stop, while doing so an elderly woman fell in the buss as the driver suddenly halted the bus at the stop, i had to take out my backpack to lift the lady up from the floor, and meanwhile james started to unload the suitcases and as i got down the buss, i reached out to take my bag from the door the buss driver closed the door suddenly and sped off with me running behind the buss and shouting.

i had almost everything in that backpack ( cash of 1030 euros, my wallet, my passport ( yes my passport ), my laptop ( macbook pro ) , all my originals ( degree, memo…etc ), and my adventure began lol.

we dumped my luggage at James’s friends place and flagged down a buss to use the bus’s intercom to call that particular bus’s driver to ask him to check on my backpack., but none of the drivers could help me on this.

i spent the next 5 hours on parisian street check all Bus no 67 which were operating that night, then we were asked to go to central bus depot at Place du Italie, when we reached there no one would give us a response, then finally after 2 more hours, someone suggested us to go to a depot de central, me and James made our way down there, we were met with 2 RATP officers who took us inside a room and began to ask us questions on unattended baggages, they would not declare if they found anything, they asked for description and content details. We were made to wait for more 2 hours at the reception area, we gladly waited as it was -8 and as earlier stated i was very ill equipped to handle but adrenaline kept me going as i needed to find my bag ASAP i lost my passport money and all original documents , i was flying out at 1pm next day.

After a long wait they asked me to provide a ID so they can authenticate me, i said all my ID is in the bag, he then asked me to write on a piece of paper exactly what was in the bag including ID details. later he showed up with my Laptop asked me to enter the password to open the computer, which i did. They then gave us a long lecture about not leaving bags unattended and stressed on the point saying if i had not come looking for it ( the same night ), i would have most likely not found it.

i found all my cash, wallet, credit cards, phones, laptop, passport and Original Documents intact with the exception of a chocolate bar .

i learned something very important from this experience, don’t keep all your eggs in the same basket!! and i keep my passport and Carte de Sejour in my Front jeans/trousers pocket when i travel as i will know if they are missing or misplaced immediately and refrain from using those pockets for anything else during my travel with those documents.

I would like to thank everyone at RATP, for being vigilant and recovering my property and identity to some extent 😉

-December 19, 2009

Oops, JNTU did it again

Its been long since ive got down to writing up my blog, even thou lot has happned in the past few months, once thats recent which prompted me to write a post about it was,

Well, i so called Finished my engineering in May 2008, but i had one subject still pending ( 2-1’s SS ( signals and systems ). which even after my repeated attempts didnt get enuf marks to clear, even tho i had written it quite well.

i had S-S supplementary Scheduled in November-08 ( with 07 batch’s Regular Exams ) so i had lotta time to fill from May 08,  So i took up Traveling , went to Europe Middle east..etc came back to india in October. Wrote my exams well. The Guys at JNTU didn’t release the results even by December, as it was very much needed to apply to Universities for the January intake, without Degree, i couldn’t apply for Education Visa.

So we waited for 2 months to have our results . The Advance Supplementary was suppose to be scheduled in Jan ending or Mid February, as some of my m8’s had quite a number of subjects on hand, so they decided to skip some so they can put in full effort on the others, as the advance supplementary would be in January, and they could still make the March-April Intake.

But that was not the case, the university released the results in End of Jan, and also announced at the time of releasing the results that the exams which were supposed to be held in January-February-09 have been canceled to be held in May-June-09, this came as blow to many including me,  As the Retards at JNTU gave me a 11/80 in external, even when i wrote the exam perfect. In JNTU there isnt anything called * re-correction* or we cant ask for a xerox of our paper ( this rule came in March-09 ). So i had to wait till June to write my exam,

to my luck i had joined JNtU Engineering in the year 2004 so i came under the (RR) batch ( Revised Regulations ), the rules were revised so, the student can’t benefit from them.

the Earlier (NR) and Later (05),(07) batches were allowed to have 2-3 subjects as backlog and they would still be issued Degrees. Osmania University has a feature called *3point system*. if a Student has passed out from the university, he/she but has max of 3 subjects still pending they can pay an DD of INR3000 and they will be given “28 marks”, the student then can add these marks to the existing marks and he can Clear his remanning subjects in such manner. No such option in JNTU or RR batch for that matter,

The only Flexibility for RR batch which was given was, a Student will be promoted to 2nd year even if he fails in all his subjects of the 1st year by request, if he even passes in 1 subject he would be automatically promoted, and Student can have a backlog in the 1st year and still be promoted to 4th Year.

Lab=4 Credits, Theory=3 credits

For RR batch as follows

6 Credits needed to move from 1st to 2nd

56 credits needed to move from 2nd year to 3rd year

112 credits needed to move from 3rd year to 4th year

Need to Clear all subjects to be issued a Degree


for 05,07 [NR (2002)] as follows

12 Credits needed to move from 1st to 2nd year

42 credits needed to move from 2nd year to 3rd year- ( they r fighting to lower it too 22 )

no backlog in 1st year to move to 4th year no credit specification as per my knowledge.

can apply for degree if student has less than 3 subjects remaning


So the rules wern’t helping me much as they held me back for 1 year for one damn subject.

In the meanwhile, i attended many interviews and got in few universities, and was issued an Conditional i20 from an French Institution, to which i had already made payments and was just waiting for the results to be released to get hold of the convocation certificate and apply for Visa.

When the results came, it was an another shock, as the system said, I was ABSENT for my Exam, and that there was no record of me writing that exam. The Results were released on 11th July at about 4am. So i was at the JNTU campus at 9am, only to find, its been closed down due to some Job Fair..etc the next day being sunday, i had to spend an awful sunday, waiting for monday, 2 other students wrote  the 2-1 exams with me, and they too were marked absent, i had to write a letter addressed to the principal, and submit it, after doing so,

I had to drive down 100km to get to JNTU university main branch, upon enquiring, they asked me to produce a form call *D* and some other forms, to prove that i had indeed attended the exam. So i had to drive back again to my university, to get the appropriate form. Which later i was denied. saying that, its an confidential form, and its not given to students, and they University will take appropriate action as this has also occurred to 50 students in the other branch of the university.

When we went back to the university to take the D form and other documents, the Exam branch in-charge started acting all moody and weird, and started asking why didn’t we come to college with dress code, trying to divert the topic, a heated argument was exchanged between my friends and the Exam Branch in-charge.

Saying this, he gave us a Minimum of 20 days, before they can get to an conclusion. more 20 days????, this additional 20 days is going to cause me a major setback, as i have to apply for visa and it takes about 40 days to be processed. Now i have to suffer for what is not mine but the universities mistake as the days arn’t sufficient for me to process my visa, as i have to be there by last week of august for Registration and application of Temp Citizen card for EU States

Now the Exams which were suppose to be done with by Mid Feb has been stretched to July and probably August causing me to apply to a another university for Jan 2010 intake, therefore making the gap of 1 Year for their mistake, if it was conducted in Jan itself i could have applied for March-April intake this year.



Well from what you can gather from above, u’ll have an idea how the university is operating which is total chaos, after the 20days passed, i went back to the university, where i was told, that i had failed in my exam with external marks as 27. because i was so certain, that i had written well, i went ahead with Control Evaluation in which the i have to do some paper work and submit forms after which the university will have to show an   Xerox of my answersheet. it had been 10 days  since they had announed my new result, so i took Control Evaluation  forms and went to the university to submit the form, on reaching there  the form was not being accepted by the system, as it said i had already passed my exam.

Now this came as a surprise to me, i was then told i got 53 in external and i can apply for trnscripts, for which i did, it came i had indeed pass with 53 in external.

i went about my work, and again i went back to uni for an 2nd set of xerox after about a month, now, in it it showed i had passed but i got 0 in SS exam mrks, ( the exm for which i was marked absent )

i have already got my original provisional memo and transcripts, i had only my subjective memo pending and Consolidated memo pending, now i have 2  transcripts with different marks and totals… its totally wierd, cus this uni sucks, now i dont knwo which memo shud i use to apply

Stop Drop and Roll – Teacher’s New Mantra

Well with the event occurring with Focus baba were continuing to escalate i had my share of problems.

As it was our Final year of Engineering, all students had to complete their projects by then. So i had done the same but, a group of us had decided that our project was really innovative and, could be used in real time applications, so we got together and combined the project to make it a worthwhile submission and submitted the application to

NAUN ( North Atlantic University Union ) and IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) we got selected in both and got invited to WSEAS (The World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society)- its an branch of IEEE.  we got invited to the annual Conference  for Automatic modeling and simulation.  During the Registration the college rejected the application for Funding the Presentation, even when they knew we would be representing India and the Universities name, they brushed it off saying, we didn’t ask u to participate so we wont pay a dime. The Fee was quite large i could only register( other partners backed-out during payment as it was over a thousand $) in WSEAS category. The news spread that, we had got selected and i will be attending and presenting the Project in the conference, at the same time, we also herd that a Professor had also got selected and she was going to present her presentation there , She was a PHD and, i didnt even finish my engineering, all the responsive letters were written by the correspondence referred to me as DR or Professor. So some teachers pointed out that, i was misleading and could land up in trouble for not even being a graduate and being an undergraduate and have many backlogs left ( 4 )makes me under-qualified to even present a presentation to the Professors who are going to attend the conference. Some suggested i re-register the project under the name of a Professor from my University, so my registration will become valid, and i could be added as a sub author or assistant..etc shit. I didn’t like the idea of a teacher hogging up all the limelight or the credit for the work, WE have worked so hard on. So i wrote back some letters to the Wseas groups about my educational status, they wrote back, they didn’t care who was presenting as long as the idea was original and innovative.

So during my Internal examinations for my final year, i was again enquired about the status, that which teachers i had selected to sponsor and register his name. Then i showed them the letter i got from the ppl in wseas. And made it clear, i would be going, and if my partners can pay up their tickets they can come too ( the project was published with their names as Co-Authors and i was the Presenter representing the group, so i didn’t hog it all up). Then after few days, i had come to college to write my supplimentary examination, some students pointed out, that some teachers were asking around about me. i didn’t pay much notice as i had an supplimentary examination the next day too. When i reached home, i noticed my cellphone ringing and it was one of my head professors on the other end. He sounded quite stern and he quoted

<quote>” Who do u think, you are, that a student like, u can participate in such Confrence’s and leave us out of it, I will write a personal letter from the University claiming that you are a fraud and you have stolen ur Project In-charge’s Idea and Concept, Which will barre u from participating in any educational conferences and blacklist you in every north american and European Universities as a fraudster, If you don’t want this to happen you must re-register this project to your Project in-charge professors name and send me a copy of the name, If you don’t do it by evening will make sure, u will never get Admission in any other educational Institutions and placements in Software companies and make sure u spend few more years in the University” < /Quote>

and he hung up,  i was  surprised and shocked, and i started to put my mind on it, i  was’nt going to give in to pressure and such threats had little effects on me, so we started to hatch a new plan some parts i may not discuss on the blog as many r serious violations, desperate times had called for desperate measures and under no circumstances i was going to give in to any pressure, SP by some retard huge butt professor.

We had an urgent meeting between our group others also received the call from the same number, but i was the only one who answered the call. So i briefed up everyone and their parts they r gonna play in the plan, So the Professor had mentioned that i must register the project to my project in-charge, i knew the guy and he didn’t really care about the conference or anything and didn’t help us a bit, in building or designing the project, but before taking the step i wanted to reconfirm if he was involved aswell, so i gave him a call, he apparently was shocked that the other professors were using his name, to get thru me, he said, he has no knowledge of such matter or call nor he wants his name included in any work he didn’t do and said he will see the matter 1st thing tomorrow morning in the college.

Now i started Phase 2 of the operation, to arm ourselves with hard evidence. everyone of us were now equipped with Call recorders , audio recorders and Video Recorders, all concealed in our clothing and we went to have a face 2 face chat with the professor who called me , to make him say all the stuff he said on the phone call earlier, so we could tape it 😀

My plan was to Gather the evidence, by 11 am, i had already talked with a lawyer on the matter, and i would be bringing the video and audio recordings to him, and we will lodge a complaint in court and the police station by  4 pm as the courts close at 5 pm, he can’t get a bail, and am sure he would be treated like a king inside the station :), and during the time lapse of 11 am to 4 pm, he would be having a much greater time with us and other students, and as we have filed the case we would gain immunity and he can’t lodge a return complaint , until the 1st has been resolved, And by the time the case would be dealt with, he would be stripped of his title and degree and would serve sometime in jail for threatening students, which i think was perfect for him.

As soon as we got into the room the professor we found the project in-charge sitting in his room and he said i have no interest on being included in their project as I HAVE NOT HELPED IN ANYWAY and said count me out of this mess. And he left. The professor said ok, i have nothing to say to u, do what you please.  Write ur exams well and pass out.

Well, we didn’t do anything , as the matter had solved itself, calling up the Project in-charge saved the professors skin or we were ready to strip him off his skin n title in public.


finally about the education system in india, it stinks, teachers and professors r misusing their power on students for their own benefit and will ,they take us for puppets that they can Stop, Drop or Roll us and juggle our career’s  according to their wishes. Unless we take a stand and draw a line this will keep on escalating. if he had sent that mail, our reputation had been tarnished and, we would be barred from masters education outside, india .

Sending the letters again wouldn’t have helped as its easy to loose an image but rather hard to regain it, I didn’t want to pull it further as he said, he didn’t send it yet and we didn’t him to say it all over again, as he didn’t want to talk , maybe it was a hollow threat or not, i don’t know, but if he had done it,

i was going to pay him back with intrest for Sure. 😀

ifocus Finale — all good things come to an end

Well after the temple incident I decide to stay clear of this dude, as I was sure, he belonged no were but ina  loony bin.

So it was during my final Year Project presentation I saw him again, well this time, his project partner was in great deal of trouble, as he wasn’t participating and he was shuttling between Bangalore and Hyderabad for the Project thingy, as quite Honestly he was fed up of his unseal Behavior and Finally lost his cool, when he failed to show up for a Diagnostic test of the System. So when the teachers arrived to evaluate the System, it wasn’t working and they went on by some weird story about, him developing a new project so, he didn’t help out on this as his earlier academic record was sound, the teachers decided to cut him some slack and gave him, average points even when the system wasn’t working.


Well after few days, our regular examinations started and fortunately Mr. Focus was being seated in my exam hall. I didn’t pay much notice, but, when I saw him dressed in a Bright Yellow T, it occurred to me, that something weird was bound to happen, and it did.

Focus baba sat down on his seat, but turned behind glaring at his bird, who acted as he didn’t exist, well I decided to get back to my paper, but the events which occurred next were very bizarre,  We have a teacher whom we refer to as Pink panther, he is a guy wiv huge butts and pants stuck up to his ass-crack, which makes him look pretty funny, But he is a hardnutt to crack, pretty much suspends any student he feels is out of the line. Well Focus baba didn’t even spare pink panther, pinky found him sitting idle in the exam hall, and questioned him, why is he acting weird; well what happened next was not something anyone expected. Mr. Focus baba Exploded at full blast at Mr. Pinky shouting * who the hell r u to ask me, it’s my exam, my wish, I can do anything I want, go mind ur business…etc* well, Pinky didn’t know how to react, but just got on the defensive side and said, sit down sit down son ur hyperventilating and asked * do u want water*..Etc and he left bit confused and Shocked.

Now Focus baba took his pen and started to scribble down on his paper, and after a while got up and handed over the paper and left. Well the teacher didn’t question him why, because she had earlier seen him lashing out at Mr. Pinky. But she showed the students, what he wrote,


BOSS BOSS BOSS BOSS (bachelor of Social Service)

He scribbled Boss all over his paper in bold letters. Now we all were sure, he flipped his lid.

And after the exam we saw many of the teachers coming down from the other block rather amused and sniggering among themselves and when enquired, they said they were visited by a special student, Mr. Focus baba they said he offered them to work in his company, and he planned on sending the teachers for special training to Australia, and that his company had striked a deal with GOOGLE.. So they knew something was wrong with him, as he was acting all weird, when they asked him to come to the medical wing, he left.

That evening, few students went up to his house so speak to his parents about his disturbing behavior, and found his parents on the same page , they took them up to his room which was on the 3rd floor and, when they entered the room , the walls were covered to every inch with pictures of God’s ( sai-baba, ganesh.. an…..and so on). So they students found it quite Odd.

The next exam was set with a day for preparation and the next day, while driving down to college, I found two people on a speeding bike, drivin like crazy thru the small country road (the University is 30 miles from city) when I reached the Exam block I found a small crowd and, found a man who’s was trembling his hair was ruffled and he was pretty much shaken- he was the pillion rider on the crazy bike, he was Focus babe’s dad. Focus baba had come in a weird costume and did the same thing he went into the class signed the attendance register and left.

Well, it was the last day of exams for engineering so nearly the whole class went up to his house, and apparently took him to a physiatrist and he got violent there, so he was shifted to a Mental Asylum. After some therapy (shock therapy) he was released. Now is doing well. Ive hrd he passed the exam’s he left, he had a good percentage and perfect score, but what can we say, we can’t have everything in life.

Some get to know it the easy way; he got to learn it the hard way

So this was the end of Focus baba, the last I saw him or heard from him was in July 2008 until now I was updated about him Passing Engineering, which prompted me to complete the blog story about him.


Now FOCUS this- Now Solar powered

Well it’s been quite a while since I got back to Blogging, since a lot was happening around me, so it kinda kept me busy. But now I found myself Free and ready to start writing my blog again after a gap of probably 1 year.

Last I posted was about an unusual dude, who had flipped his lid and was going to any lengths to get the attention he taught he deserved.

Well after the last episode, my classes were done with so I was at home preparing for my Final exams and as well as the final year projects, So During our Pre Exam tests I was walking down the stairs were I find our Mr. ifocus, surrounded by group of boys , who seemed keen on interrogating him.

So I decided to hang around for a while: D. Well, it seems that y Focus here was offred a highpost and highpaying job by *Google* but its was a top hush hush matter. So he came that day, wiv 20-30 Boxes of Traditional sweets and Distributed among the teachers and also made a point on degrading the other students and his friends saying, they wouldn’t even dream of getting such a job as they r *mediocre* and cant think the big picture, so this got the other students jumpy so his best Friends were interrogating him about the matter as he had also abused them.

Well he was acting all weird Jumpy and finally said, he would speak, but he asked them to come to a nearby Hanuman temple. So this lot started for the Temple and I was hanging around the campus fooling around, whets when I got a call from them saying, there was something going on and it was too good to miss. So I made a point of going there. When I entered the temple I saw this bunch of guys waiting outside and the loony dude was inside chanting some mantra.

Now he comes out, and this guys say, ” ok, enough with ur shit, whts up wiv u , u gone crazy or what ” so  the next what this guy did gave me the creeps, he stood in the sun jogging and kept looking up and started to chant, the others asked what the fuk r u doing, he says, am absorbing the energy from the SUN to talk, we were Dumbstruck thinking  what the hell was wrong with him and I took some steps back just in case,  the Others started the interrogation continued , I couldn’t get most of it as it was spoken in *telugu* and am no pro at it. The conversation turned into a heated argument and there was exchange of swears and leading to a fist fight. Then he blurts out, saying ” he was joking and it’s a lie, that he ever got a job in Google, he confessed he did it for so called **girl**. So the others said, *ok u were after the chic, but why degrade US in the process he as on about, that she liked it…etc stuff, so these guys called her up and i couldn’t hear the conversation between them, but it resulted in mr Focus kickin his bike down the hill and he went off walking.

Well that was end of that; I went on to my preparation for my examinations


I am Famous, Kiss My ASS, NOW !!! — Focus baba Gets Trashed

Well, I wasnt Actually Physical Present at this one, 
but when our Informants ( kaja jee ) informed me that , a battle of words turned into battle of Fists.

I made a point of comming to College today. in 11 Minutes FLAT.

But Alas , i ddint get to see Much Action, as it was claimed i Missed earlier.

From my earlier Posts u can gather , that we have a Wierdo admist us,

and this Fools Claims grow outrageous every day.
From What I gathered , its that our retard Wrote an Letter to a News paper with an 
BOSS signature, and they printed the material.
And the same also Posted an Add on the paper asking for new recruitment of journalists.


So our Self Accilamed Great man, took this as an Response for his Post, Claiming they offered him a job,


So this guy got on the Podim again, and bought out the paper and showed everyone that , His Talent is being appreciated by the editors of the paper, and that he was right all along that “he is Great”.


I didnt get it?, What did he want to say???

Well as he carried on, others got Really fedup with his Foolish talk, to they asked him to get down from the podium, and as usual he tires to overpower others , by shouting and showing authority, So, some guys finally blew it, and they beat him to pulp.

Benches were broken..etc stuff. and he walks away.

later he comes into the class again and announces that he doesn’t consider anyone a friend anymore.

Later we Check out his postings on a Orkut Community Created by him, in which he answers to himself, and the conversation is very corny, he Claims to be a mediator between jesus and us…..

Well after few days we can expect him to be a self acclaimed god.

In an Personal Profile Album, he writes ” I Am a great leader , and if my friends support me i wil be greater”

and later he changes it to smething more wierder.

Link to the Jesus Claim